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Dr. Aanya Bora has been a Yoga Guru for almost half a decade, and has successfully started her own venture Aadiyog Yoga. One simply doesn’t form a relationship with Yoga overnight, as it takes years of patience and practice. Before Aadiyog, Aanya’s career took various paths. She started her journey with a Software Engineer job in a company now known as cardekho.com, and went on to take various modeling and acting assignments. That is when she won the prestigious Miss Rajasthan Award in 2013 and took a halt from her regular job. Her next venture in life however was something she hadn’t tried before but had inherited from her ancestors. Spiritually inclined and dedicated towards her next aim, Dr. Aanya completed a Course of Yoga and Naturopath along with a doctorate in Yoga. Her involvement with Yogic Sciences helped her relax and get focused in life. She hasn’t turned her back towards Yoga since then.

About Dr. Aanya

Dr. Aanya Bora has been a Yoga Guru for almost half a decade, and has successfully started her own venture Aadiyog Yoga.

Despite her association with the Glamour industry, she firmly believes in Yoga-based solutions and natural ways to enhance beauty. She aims to spread the ancient wisdom and knowledge of India’s incredible treasure – Yoga. Along with superior health and mental wellbeing, the power of Yoga can also transform your natural beauty. And as the saying goes, the investment towards your health is the best investment.Her career path started from a Software Engineer job, which she quit to get fresh exposure to the modeling industry. She had also completed training of Reiki from Lisa powers and got a chance to work with renowned CEO Anurag Jain. Post training, she started providing corporate sessions and has successfully introduced corporate yoga to big MNCs like Bosch, Car-Dekho, Nifm, etc.

Stepping freshly into Yoga-based entrepreneurial model, she launched her own brand of Aadiyog in Jaipur with two big studios in C-Scheme and Malviya Nagar. It’s her firm belief and core value that Yoga is the key to transformation of human mind, body, and soul. People leading busy and hectic urban lives are more prone to fall prey to physical, mental, and psychological distress, which is why the role of Aadiyog in life significantly increases. The Yoga-based venture has successfully conducted several workshops for various corporates and firms. In addition to corporate sessions, Aanya has proficiently introduced yoga classes, personal training, personalized online yoga, and yoga retreats to her mission. The feedback of those who have availed these services have been positive. The special reiki sessions and deeply spiritual aura of philanthropist Aadiyog Yoga course have become a major attraction for yoga enthusiasts across the country and the world.

Our courses

Face Yoga

Face Yoga involves exercises that stimulate and soften the muscles and skin of the face. These exercises help drive away stress, tension, and worry. These exercises also help tone the face, and keep away wrinkles and baggy skin.

Teacher Training Course

We offer teacher training courses that arm you with all the right skills and knowledge needed in the field. Our trainers are experts in their fields, with years of experience.

Prenatal Yoga

What better way to ensure the health and well-being of the little one than prenatal yoga? Safe for all three trimesters, and the exercises are beginner-friendly! Prenatal yoga works on body strength, flexibility, mental centering, and more!

Pregnancy Yoga
Dealing with a stiff body? Feel stressed and anxious while pregnant? Try pregnancy yoga! We offer custom-tailored, beginner-friendly yoga routines to ensure the physical and mental well-being of you and your little one!

Garbh Sanskar
This centuries-old practice is mentioned in our scriptures, and works on the physical and mental development of the child when they are in the womb. Grabh Sanskar has had incredible results on both the baby and the mother for centuries!

Personalized Diet Plans
While pregnant, taking care of one’s diet and nutritional intake is very important. We offer diet plans suited to your health, nutrient needs, medical history, and other factors!


The Ashtanga series has 6 series (Primary, Advanced, Intermediate) that have a specific order of poses. This is extremely effective for overall health, tuning of the body, improved balance and rhythm, and more!
Retreats are the best way to connect with one’s inner self, and we at Adiyoga host various retreats for seekers from all backgrounds and walks of life. To know more, visit XYZ XYZ
Deep Meditations (Tratak, Yog Nidra)
To delve further into discovering your inner self, deep meditation is a must. We offer Tratak (meditation through looking into the eye of a candle), Yog Nidra (a type of meditation that helps you relax completely and delve into one’s inner self)
Nlp Sessions
NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming works on eliminating various fevers and phobias, anxiety, depression, and reduced quality of life. This scientific method is developed to help deal with psychological hurdles in personal development.

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Yoga does not transform the way we see things; it transforms the person who sees.”

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